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Kuwait crude tanker firm eyes gas cylinder safety plan

Examples of misuse of gas cylinders
Examples of misuse of gas cylinders

By Abdullah Al-Dabbous

KUWAIT, Sept 7 (KUNA) -- Kuwait Oil Tanker Company (KOTC) has formed a plan to prevent possible hazards caused by the misuse of some three million gas cylinders that abound at the local market.
Improper use of these gas cylinders proves not only costly but dangerous as well, which behooves state bodies to work together to address this growing problem, KOTC said in a statement.
Around 90 percent of gas cylinders are misused, resulting in tremendous waste accumulation that not only threatens the environment but the oil industry as well, added the statement.
The fact that many of these gas cylinders end up in households for residential use only magnifies the problem, the statement highlighted, citing frequent examples of misuse such as hurling the vessels around. Last year alone, the number of gas cylinders reported to have been damaged or tampered with amounted to 14,500, which indicates that the misuse of gas cylinders has become widespread, it revealed.
Meanwhile, these gas cylinders can have a shelf life of 24 years if used properly and safely, but neglect and misuse can significantly slash durability, it added. (end) ad.ysa.nam