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Kuwaiti aid keeps reaching people in need namely war-stricken Yemenis

Kuwaiti contributions in water projects, food and housing ventures, and health programs
Kuwaiti contributions in water projects, food and housing ventures, and health programs

Report by Mohammad Adel

KUWAIT, Aug 24 (KUNA) -- Kuwaiti donors and welfare associations continued over the past week delivering aid to those in need, namely impoverished Yemenis, in shadow of global celebrations marking the World Humanitarian Day.
In coordination with Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS), Hamza Al-Khayyat, the director of the Kuwaiti linguistic creativity center, donated copies of his book, "the dictation encyclopedia for children," to Syrian students in Jordan -- the latest Kuwaiti tangible kind move toward the war victims following a chain of deliveries, including cash, food and other necessities.
He expressed gratitude to His Highness the Prime Minister, Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, for covering costs of printing 20,000 copies of the encyclopedia.
In Aden, Yemen's student support society has signed an agreement with Kuwait Society for Student Support (KSSS) to improve education in two schools in Tareem district in the governorate of Hadhramawt.
Waseem Rubaihan, director of the student support society, said in a statement the agreement would contribute to improve education in Damoon and Khadija schools for girls.
He said the agreement stipulated provision of 150 desks, maintenance of electrical appliances as well as guaranteeing safety of girls.
Meanwhile, Abdulraqeeb Fateh, the minister of local administration, said in a statement to KUNA that the Kuwait aid to his country contributed to improving people's humanitarian conditions.
Fateh, also the head of the supreme relief commission, said Kuwait, via international agencies, had contributed with USD 750 million for relieving the Yemenis. Up to 309,000 citizens had benefited from assistance delivered by the KRCS, he revealed.
Yemeni Minister of Information Muammar Al-Aryani, also speaking to the Kuwait News Agency, says that Kuwait has always supported the Yemeni people, particularly at hard times, and this support has tangibly increased after flare-up of the crisis.
Abdulqawi Al-Mekhlafi, the first undersecretary at the province of Taiz, said the region has received Kuwaiti backing despite the five-year siege of the region by the Houthi militias.
For his part, Tareq Abdulwasea, chairman of the "Yemeni Al-Hikmah" association, said the society registered 2.7 million people who benefited from Kuwaiti contributions to water projects, 1.7 million from food and housing ventures, 1.1 million from health programs and 141,000 from educational help.
Sumaia Al-Maimani, director of the philanthropic project, "Pay two dinars and win the two (earthly and heavenly) worlds," said the program that had been launched at Kuwait University resulted in establishing up to 14 educational projects in eight countries, benefiting up to 6,060 students.
Moreover, the donations resulted in building 11 schools in Indonesia, , Sudan, The Niger, India, Albania, Kyrgyzstan and China in addition to a library in Serbia. (end) maa.sns.bs.rk