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Saudi-led coalition: firm on maintaining operations to stabilize Yemen

JEDDAH, Aug 19 (KUNA) -- Colonel Turki Al-Malki, spokesman of Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen confirmed Monday their operations will continue to support stability and legitimacy in Yemen, and liberate all cities from radicals and Houthi militias that are supported by Iran.
During a press conference of the Joint Forces Command of the Coalition held in Riyadh, Colonel Al-Malki added that the escalation in Aden, Yemen's interim capital, by the Transitional Council was unfortunate because the events have moved to a dangerous level in this period which resulted in many deaths and injuries.
"These acts have harmed the interests of the Yemeni people, the legitimate government's interests as well as the private and public properties," he said.
Al-Malki pointed out that the Joint Forces Command of the Coalition worked with all political and social components and the legitimate Yemeni government to achieve calm and engage in a dialogue.
"We will not allow tampering with the interests of the Yemeni people during this difficult and critical period in Aden," Al-Malki said, calling for a joint efforts by all political and social parties with the Yemeni legitimate government to achieve aspirations of the Yemeni people and liberate all Yemeni territories.
Al-Malki said "Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen," appreciated the acceptance of the Transitional Council and the Yemeni government to establish dialogue, which came in accordance with the joint action of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
Subsequently, a team of Joint Forces Command of the Coalition from Saudi Arabia and UAE formed a joint committee to oversee the withdrawal of the military forces of the Transitional Council from the units and headquarters that have been controlled, indicating that the process of withdrawal actually began from these government headquarters, including Aden Hospital, Central Bank, Judiciary and Secretariat General of the Council of Ministers. (end) nso.mb