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Spain opens Algeciras port for immigrants

MADRID, Aug 18 (KUNA) -- Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced on Sunday that Algeciras port in southern Cadiz province opened to receive the "Open Arms" rescue ship, which was stuck in front of Italy's Island Lampedusa.
Sanchez said in a statement that this became the decision because of the immigrants' alarming situation aboard the ship and in light of the 'inconceivable' position of the Italian authorities, particularly Interior Minister Matteo Salvini who closed all ports in the face of immigration seekers, noting that this prompted Spain once again to solve the humanitarian crisis at sea.
The statement stressed that the Spanish ports are neither the closest nor safest to "Open Arms" but Spain is the only country ready to host immigrants currently.
The Spanish government found a common European solution to the crisis, distributing immigrants among six European countries that are willing to receive refugees, he said.
The rescue ship saved over 60,000 immigrants from early 2018 to August 2019, according to data from the Spanish Interior Ministry. (end) hnd.lr