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Iran will retaliate robustly for Israeli attacks -- DM

TEHRAN, July 12 (KUNA) -- Iran warned on Friday it would retaliate robustly in case Israel carried out attacks on the nation.
The "Israeli military threats against Iran blatantly violate the United Nations charter," said Defense Minister Amir Hatami in remarks aired by the government-run television station.
UN member states are barred, according to the charter, from attacking other member countries.
Iran is ready to react with might against "all aggressors," he said.
On July 9, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israeli warplanes "could reach anywhere in the Middle East including Iran." The reaction from the Iranian defense minister came hours after US President Donald Trump contacted Netanyahu discussing means for facing "Iran's malign acts" in the Middle East.
Iranian officials had threatened to destroy Israel. The heated rhetoric coincided with mounting tension in the Gulf following a series of incidents, latest of which was a bid by Iranian gunboats to impede a British oil tanker near the strategic strait of Hormuz. (end) mw.rk