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Tunisia, Italy renew pact to transport Algerian gas to Italy

TUNIS, July 2 (KUNA) -- The Tunisian government on Tuesday renewed an agreement with the Italian energy giant ENI on a gas pipeline transporting Algerian gas to Italy via Tunisia.
The new 10-year-long deal would strengthen the state's cash flow through annual revenues of around USD 170 million, Tunisian Minister of Industry, Energy and Small-and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs), Slim Feriani told reporters following the signing ceremony.
According to the deal, the pipeline would be also be used to supply Tunisia with 3.8 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually, roughly 65 percent of its gas consumption, he stated.
The pipeline, transporting Algerian gas to Italy through Tunisia, was established in 1960s and previous Tunisian governments and ENI group had signed two agreements on it dating back to 1977 and 1991. (end) ksj.ibi