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US calls on Sudan's military council not to hold elections soon

KHARTOUM, June 25 (KUNA) -- US envoy to Sudan Donald Booth has called on Sudan's transitional military council not to hold elections for a year to ensure a democratic transition in the country.
In a press statement after meeting members of the military council, Booth said consultations aimed to push the council and the opposition Freedom and Change Declaration to resume direct negotiations.
During his meeting with the council, The US envoy stressed importance of safety of the people of Sudan, affirming necessity of direct negotiations between the parties.
Member of the Transitional Military Council, Yasser Al-Ata, told the envoy that they reject the control of the freedom and change Declaration of the Legislative Council and do not oppose sharing control of the proposed sovereign council.
Al-Ata pointed out that the term of the Legislative Council of the executive government would not exceed the transitional period.
Envoys from the United States, Britain and Norway arrived in Khartoum earlier to push for the political process in Sudan.
Talks broke out between the military council and the declaration when security forces stormed a sit-in outside the foreign ministry's headquarters on June 3.
Sudan has been racking up unrest since last December, turning anger from rising bread prices and lack of liquidity into ongoing protests that culminated in armed forces' intervention to topple President Omar Al-Bashir on April 11. (end) mam.aa