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Kuwaiti movie vies for top award of Meknes film festival - NCCAL official

Dr. Isa Al-Ansari
Dr. Isa Al-Ansari
RABAT, June 16 (KUNA) -- Assistant Secretary-General of the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters (NCCAL) said Sunday Kuwait's 'Sirb Al-Hamam' (flock of doves) is vying against nine Arab movies for the top award of the first Meknes International Arab Film Festival (FIFAM).
"The distinguished movie, directed by Ramadan Khosroh and starring, inter alia, Dawood Hussein and Jamal Al-Rahdan, was chosen to represent the Kuwaiti art of cinema at this festival," Dr. Isa Al-Ansari told KUNA.
The festival, organized by Meknأ¨s-Azzaytoune Alkobra Association in collaboration with the City Council of Meknes, the Fez-Meknes region and the Moroccan Ministry of Culture, opened yesterday and lasts until Friday, June 21, he noted.
"Through participation in the event, the Kuwaiti filmmakers seek to share experience with their peers from the Arab countries in the field of cinematographic creativity," Dr. Al-Ansari pointed out. Besides "Sirb Al-Hamam,' the festival gathered 'Nathira' and 'Tafh El-Kil' (Morocco), 'Wilada' (the UAE), 'Lil Khargi' (Egypt), 'Tourn' (Iraq), 'Shaitan Al-Qaila' (Tunisia), 'Amina' (Syria), 'Youm Bi-Beirut' (Lebanon) and "Dam Al-Thi'ab' (Algeria).
The FIFAM will culminate in the awarding of several prizes, notably the Grand Prix, the projection, the screenplay, the best actress and the best actor awards. (end) jk.gb