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Britons cast votes in European Parliament elections

LONDON, May 23 (KUNA) -- British people started casting their votes to choose their representatives in the European Parliament (EP) elections on Thursday, after failing in the Brexit process two times.
The British public will vote for 73 MPs in 12 constituencies with nine being in England. The parliament consists of 751 MPs from 28 European countries.
Local surveys expect big losses for the Conservative Party led by Prime Minister Theresa May.
The party is facing tough times as May failed to reach an agreement on the Brexit to step out of the European Union (EU) with members of her party and other opposition leaders.
MPs have refused May's Brexit deal three consecutive times where the country failed to exit the EU on March 29 and April 12. The European Commission gave London one last chance to exit by October 31.
The fail of the Brexit process pushed the UK to hold the European elections with a cost of about 100 million Pound Sterling (about USD 127 million), according to British media. (end) mrn.ag