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Kuwait welcomes progress in stability efforts of Somali government

Advisor Nawaf Al-Ahmad addresses the session
Advisor Nawaf Al-Ahmad addresses the session
NEW YORK, May 23 (KUNA) -- Kuwait welcomed the development in the performance of the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS), and its efforts to achieve stability despite the challenges.
The remarks were made by Advisor Nawaf Al-Ahmad during the United Nations Security Council's (UNSC) session on Somalia late Wednesday.
Al-Ahmad noted that FGS is accelerating the execution of its transitional plan and road map to create political reforms. The main topic on the government's agenda is completing the revision of the constitution by year's end, he added.
The Advisor affirmed that FGS is also tasked with setting the rules for elections during the current parliament term.
Meanwhile, Al-Ahmad said that Al-Shabaab militants are the main threat to Somalia's security, noting that the group launched 77 attacks with explosives in March alone.
The militants have targeted vital bodies in 2019 including a UN complex in Mogadishu airport, hotels and the ministry of public works where the deputy minister was killed in the attack, said Al-Ahmad.
As for the economic situation in the country, the Kuwaiti official hailed the progress in the field as FGS is investing in local resources to increase its income.
Moreover, he spoke of the deteriorating humanitarian conditions in the country in the light of the ongoing violence. Al-Ahmad noted that third of Somalis are in need of aid and protection, as well as 4.9 million people suffering lack of food, while there are 2.6 million homeless people. (end) asf.ag