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US diplomat says he has no knowledge of Iraqi mediation

BAGHDAD, May 22 (KUNA) -- Joey Hood, the Chargأ© d'affaires of the US Mission in Iraq, said on Wednesday that he was unaware of Iraqi mediation to resolve the crisis between Washington and Tehran.
Hood, speaking to journalists, welcomed consultations and views' exchange with the Iraqi Government, however he stated that he has had no knowledge of any go-between role by Baghdad to tackle the tension in relations between his nation and Iran.
Commenting on the rocket attack that targeted the green zone where the US embassy is located, a few days ago, Hood said he has no certain information about the culprits or whether it targeted the US mission.
He also denied plans to increase number of American troops on Iraq, affirming that such a step is related to the Iraqi Government desire "in shadow" of its combat of the so-called Islamic State (Daesh).
Last Sunday, Iraqi police located a rocket launcher from which a Katyusha was fired in direction of the US embassy vicinity. (end) aha.rk