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Kuwait affirms Qaeda, IS still a threat to world peace

Kuwait Permanent Representative to UN addressing Security Council sessions
Kuwait Permanent Representative to UN addressing Security Council sessions
NEW YORK, May 20 (KUNA) -- Kuwait affirmed on Monday that Al-Qaeda and the so-called Islamic State (IS) still remain a threat to world peace.
The remarks were made by Kuwait Permanent Representative to UN Mansour Al-Otaibi during a subcommittee Security Council sessions.
Al-Otaibi added IS continues to develop its secret network in Iraq and Syria, and aims to continue executing terrorist operations that endangers all success made by the international community in those countries, which forces us to exerts more efforts to boost our work and cooperation if you want to maintain such success.
The ambassador noted that the three committees in charge of combating terrorism including experts that involved with them are considered one of the main tools to the council in combating the phenomena of terrorism, which in turn work to find the best suitable methods to end such epidemic that threatens world peace and security.
Al-Otaibi noted that solid cooperation that exists currently between the three committees and member countries, based on Security Council resolutions in combating terrorism, enabled the international community to make many achievements noticeable in the exchanged of visits, workshops, and joint media efforts along with international organizations, including exchange of information, among other practical steps.
The diplomat thanked all who chaired the three committees in charge of combating terrorism, for their efforts and exchange of visits in addition to their evaluations, analysis, and overall procedures along with member countries.
On another subject, Al-Otaibi underlined the importance of sectors that require the greatest attention in light of the new proliferation risks and supporting national plans related to resolution 1540, including regional and global visits carried out by the committee and its team of experts with the importance of taking into account the special circumstances of countries in implementing anti-proliferation measures.
"Kuwait has expressed its concern on more than one occasion about the challenges faced by the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in the world today, the proliferation of these weapons and the increased risk of falling into the hands of non-state actors are issues of great concern, especially in light of the growing threat of terrorism." (end) asf.mb