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Algerian army calls for accelerating presidential election procedures

ALGIERS, May 20 (KUNA) -- Algerian Deputy Minister of National Defense Lt General Ahmad Gaid Salah urged on Monday speeding up procedures for holding presidential elections.
"Holding the presidential election will stand in the way of those who try to prolong the crisis," Salah, also the army chief of staff, said during a meeting with army officials, according to a statement by the National Defense Ministry. He also called for the rapid formation of an independent body in charge of elections organization and monitoring.
"In this regard, we expect rapid and suitable measures for the activation of this constitutional mechanism, as the most appropriate legal instrument to protect electors' votes and guarantee the credibility of elections," Salah said.
He underlined that holding the presidential election will help avoid the trap of the constitutional vacuum, which would result in risks and deviations with serious consequences.
"All the Algerian citizens, who are the jealous guardians of the reputation of their country, its interests and place among the community of countries, need to adhere to this crucial approach for the country's future," he said. (end) mr.ibi