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Yemeni forces arrest terrorists wanted by US, Gulf countries - officer

ADEN, May 18 (KUNA) -- Yemeni army forces arrested a person wanted by the US and Arab Gulf countries, and listed in their sanctions list, a senior officer said Saturday.
Colonel Abdo Al-Saghir, chief operations of Brigade 17, told KUNA a special unit ambushed Belal Al-Wafi, also known as Abu Al-Waleed, in the western suburbs of Taez governorate.
He said the ambush was a result of two-week intelligence which resulted in determining whereabouts of Al-Wafi, who resisted the arrest and used women and children in the house he was hiding in as human shield.
The special unit, added Al-Saghir, dealt with the situation in a professional manner.
He said Al-Wafi was considered the main suspect in many bomb attacks and assassinations against officers and civilians in Taez.
The US Treasury Department placed Al-Wafi on a list in October 2017 which consisted 11 Yemenis and two entities classified as terrorists.
The same list was announced by the Gulf countries members in Riyadh-based international terrorism financing center. (end) sns.bs