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UN in Kuwait: No UN org. called global fund for development, planning

KUWAIT, April 25 (KUNA) -- The United Nations mission in Kuwait has denied any connection with an alleged UN entity, called the global fund for development and planning, which had recently issued a statement bearing the UN emblem interfering in the Kuwaiti internal affairs.
There was no United Nations organization or institution called the global fund for development and planning, the Media office of the United Nations Resident Representative in Kuwait announced in a press statement a copy of which sent to KUNA Thursday evening.
"This organization, which we do not know its legal status in Kuwait; whether it is recognized by any official Kuwaiti body, has issued a statement that interferes in the internal affairs of the State (of Kuwait) in a manner that contravenes the UN systems, working methods and charter," the office said.
It went on to say that the UN mission in Kuwait had contacted the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs and urged it to take legal action against the alleged entity to preserve the rights of the United Nations and to avoid any damage resulting from the illegal and unauthorized use of the United Nations emblem.
"The official authorities in Kuwait have been notified to take legal action in the light of the United Nations conventions in Kuwait against the alleged entity and its representatives who illegally used the United Nations logo to carry out action that violates the Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the United Nations," the office stated.
The statement came following the circulation by social media users of reports about an institution, called the global fund for development and planning, that presents itself as a UN institution and one of its representatives in Kuwait issued a statement, with the UN logo, interfering in the internal affairs of Kuwait. (end) tb.ibi