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Israel kills Palestinian man, wounds another S. Bethlehem

RAMALLA, March 20 (KUNA) -- A Palestinian man was killed on Wednesday and one another injured by the Israeli army's fire south of Bethlehem city, Palestinian Health Ministry said.
Ahmad Monasra, 22, was martyred shorlty after he was shot by live bullets in the head and shoulder, the ministry added in a statement.
Monasra was admitted to a hospital near Bethlehem, but died from his injuries, it noted.
According to Eyewitnesses, the Israeli army stationed in a military tower near Bethlehem opened fire at a car carrying a Palestinian man, his wife and sons, and shot him in the abdomen.
When Monasra, who was driving his car, wanted to save the wounded man, the Israeli army opened fire at him, the eyewitnesses said.
The death toll in the West Bank climbed to four during 24 hours. (end) nq.amm.hm