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France to deploy military troops during future Yellow Vest protests

PARIS, March 20 (KUNA) -- France will deploy troops to guard static targets during the Yellow Vest protest, due on Saturday, government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux said on Wednesday.
The decision to use the military for guard duty on important buildings was taken in a Cabinet meeting earlier Wednesday chaired by President Emmanuel Macron, who is titular head of the armed forces.
The troops will reinforce static security and allow better mobility to riot police who have been told to be more mobile to intercept and arrest rioters who have caused over Euros 200 million in damage across France since November. The decision to use the army was taken after huge rioting and arson on the Champs Elysee avenue last Saturday on the 18th successive Saturday of the Yellow Vest social protests.
The movement, which is acting without any top-end direction, is an easy target to be infiltrated by "ultra" groups on the left and right wings and the result has been anarchy and pitched battles between rioters and police.
The troops to be used next Saturday come from the "Sentinel Operation" put in place in November 2015 after terrorist attacks killed 130 people in Paris.
At the height of their deployment, soldiers from this operation numbered around 10,000 although there are currently 7,000 on security duty across France. (end) jk.gb