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Tunis selection as capital of Islamic Culture well deserved - Kuwait

KUWAIT, March 19 (KUNA) -- Kuwait's Minister of Information Mohammad Al-Jabri has reiterated his admiration of Tunis and its cultural heritage which qualified it to be the capital of Islamic Culture of 2019.
The choice of Tunis as the capital of Islamic Culture for 2019 was well-merited for its rich cultural heritage and illuminating role, Minister Al-Jabri, also minister of state for youth affairs and chairman of the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters, told reporters Tuesday upon departing for Tunisia to partake in the official start of celebrations and activities to mark Tunis as the Islamic Culture Capital of 2019.
He hoped all the efforts exerted to promote culture and civilizational interaction would bear fruits and achieve good and prosperity for nations as well as help spread values of tolerance and counter extremism and destructive ideologies.
Al-Jabri, however, emphasized the importance of the Arabic and Islamic cultural identity -- with its heritage, present and future vision as well as its deep human dimension - for disseminating inter-culture and inter-civilization dialogue to create a better world where people enjoy stability and peace.
He exalted the strong relations between Kuwait and Tunisia. (end) fz.ibi