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British parliament rejects voting on "unchanged" Brexit deal

LONDON, March 18 (KUNA) -- Speaker of the UK House of Commons John Bercow said Monday Prime Minister Theresa May cannot re-submit same Brexit deal to the parliament for voting without making substantial changes on it.
The government cannot submit its Brexit deal for another vote in parliament if it is "the same" or "substantially the same" as the one already rejected by MPs, Bercow said while chairing a regular session at the parliament.
British MPs voted massively on March 14 in favor of asking the EU to delay Brexit and holding a new vote soon on a divorce deal they have already rejected twice.
May suffered a second major defeat at the House of Commons on March 13 as MPs voted against a motion on UK leaving the EU, due on March 29, without a deal.
The motion was rejected by 312 votes against 308 this evening just one day after an amended Brexit deal was rejected by 391 votes against 242, thus leaving the Prime Minister no option but to bring a motion tomorrow to extend talks with EU as per Article 50 of the EU Treaty. (end) kd.ma