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Trump: "we seek peaceful transition" in Venezuela '"all options open"

WASHINGTON, Feb 19 (KUNA) -- US President Donald Trump reiterated Monday that "all options are open" in the Venezuela crisis, saying "a new day is coming in Latin America." Addressing the Venezuelan community in Florida, Trump said in remarks in Miami "we seek a peaceful transition of power, but all options are open." He added that Maduro "would rather see his people starve than give them aid." He also warned that Venezuelan military members supporting Maduro are "risking their future, they are risking their lives and Venezuela's future for a man controlled by the Cuban military and protected by a private army of Cuban soldiers.
"Maduro is not a Venezuelan patriot, he is a Cuban puppet. That's what it is," he remarked.
He stressed "today, I have a message for every official who is helping to keep Maduro in place. The eyes of the entire world are upon you today, every day and every day in the future." "You can choose to accept president Guaido's generous offer of amnesty to live your life in peace with your families and your countrymen," he noted.
"Or you can choose the second path: continuing to support Maduro," he noted.
He warned "if you choose this path, you will find no safe harbor, no easy exit and no way out. You will lose everything." He continued saying "and to those who would try to impose socialism on the United States, we again deliver a very simple message: America will never be a socialist country." (end) si.gta