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Five candidates apply on 9th day of nomination for by-elections

KUWAIT, Feb 15 (KUNA) -- Five candidates submitted their applications on Friday, the ninth day of candidacy for upcoming parliamentary by-elections slated for March 16.
Election affairs commission received applications of five candidates. They are running for two seats in the second and the third constituencies.
The total number of the candidates has so far reached 46. Nominees can submit their bids until February 16.
It said one candidate submitted an application to run for the second constituency and four others for the third constituency.
On February 4, the government assigned the Interior Ministry to prepare for organizing by-elections for 2nd and 3rd constituencies on March 16 after the Court of Cassation slammed prison sentences on two MPs.
The two seats became vacant after the Court of Cassation sentenced two MPs, during a session on July 8, 2018, for three and a half years behind bars. (end) am.tb.tg