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Kuwait welcomes UNSC resolution on cross-border aid to Syrians

(WITH POL-UN-SYRIA-RESOLUTION) KUWAIT, Dec 13 (KUNA) -- Kuwait's Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomed the UN Security Council Resolution 2449 approved earlier Thursday to extend for one year the mandate for delivery of aid to Syrians across the borders and conflict lines.
The resolution, tabled by Kuwait and Sweden, renews the mechanism specified in the Resolution 2165, an official of the Ministry said late tonight.
He thanked the Council members for backing this vital humanitarian initiative in the vote.
"The State of Kuwait believes that this resolution will contribute to alleviation of the suffering of millions of Syrians trapped in the conflict," he said, noting that the mechanism in the resolution continues to be the best shortcut to humanitarian response.
The Kuwaiti diplomat also thanked the field aid workers for their life-saving efforts. (end) sam.gb