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Death toll rises to four in Strasbourg attack

PARIS, Dec 11 (KUNA) -- The death toll in the shooting in Strasbourg has reportedly risen to four, with several other people fighting for their lives at hospital.
The lone gunman who was wounded by a military patrol after his attack is now surrounded by security forces and there have been heavy exchanges of fire at that site, "France 3" television said.
Police have also confirmed that the shooter, who has been identified, has a criminal record for a number of non-terrorist offences but he is also on the domestic intelligence "S" security risk list for potential radicalisation.
Police have not released the identity of the assailant so far. "France 24" indicated that around 13 people were targeted by the lone gunman and four have died, with many of the others in an "absolutely urgent" condition and it is not clear if they will survive.
The European Parliament building in Strasbourg has also been sealed off and no exit or entry is being permitted to the building. (pickup previous) jk.gb