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Yemeni parties swap prisoners' list during talks in Sweden

PARIS, Dec 11 (KUNA) -- Delegations of the Yemeni Government and the Houthis, taking part in UN sponsored talks in Sweden, have exchanged lists of 15,000 prisoners, according to latest reports from the conference venue.
The government side presented names of 8,200 prisoners, including members of the late president, Ali Abdullah Saleh.
The two sides will examine the lists, during the upcoming two weeks. In the subsequent third week, they will have to present remarks before responding to them in the fourth week that follows.
Prisoners' swap is forecast to last for a month and a half, according to the media reports.
The talks kicked off in Sweden last Thursday at an ancient castle in the little-known town Rimbo, some 50 kms from Stockholm.
Although the two sides have holding the talks, guns on the frontlines in Yemen have not fallen silent yet, amid recurring reports about clashes and skirmishes.
The Houthi rebels' delegation to the talks had arrived in Stockholm on board of a plane sent by Kuwait to transport them. They were also accompanied by Kuwait's Ambassador to Yemen Fahad Al-Meie. (end) mjz.rk