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Yemeni gov't affirm progress in aspects of prisoner exchange mechanisms

PARIS, Dec 9 (KUNA) -- The Yemeni government delegation partaking in the Sweden-hosted peace talks on Yemen affirmed Sunday progress in the technical aspects of prisoner exchange mechanisms.
The delegation spokesperson said in a press statement that direct consultations were held between the two sides - government and Houthis - to discuss details of mechanisms for the exchange of prisoners and methods of assembly, transport, and international bodies that will oversee the process.
The spokesperson predicted that the prisoners' file will be resolved within 24 hours.
The round of direct consultations on the first prisoners' file, held by the two sides face to face since the start of the consultations on Thursday.
For his part, spokesperson for the Houthi delegation, Mohammad Abdulsalam, noted that they are ready to participate in a new round of talks with the government delegation in the event of progress in the current consultations.
"If we come out of this consultation by advancing confidence-building steps and the general framework of negotiations, we can hold a new round of consultations in the future," Abdulsalam added.
Peace talks on Yemen began in Sweden on Thursday, where the UN envoy announced at the opening session an agreement between the two delegations to exchange prisoners and detainees. (end) mgz.aa