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US Amb. grateful for Kuwaiti sentiments towards late Pres. George Bush

US Ambassador to Kuwait Lawrence R. Silverman
US Ambassador to Kuwait Lawrence R. Silverman

By Naser Al-Otaibi

KUWAIT, Dec 4 (KUNA) -- US Ambassador to Kuwait Lawrence R. Silverman said late Monday that he was grateful for the outpour of condolences and sincere sentiments towards the late 41st President of the US George HW Bush.
Speaking to KUNA, Ambassador Silverman said that George Bush senior would have been very proud to witness closely the level of Kuwaiti-US ties, which increased rapidly after the liberation of Kuwait from the Iraq invasion in 1991.
The late President was proud of leading the way to the liberation of Kuwait and also was keen on bringing peace to the region, said Ambassador Silverman.
The ambassador stressed that both countries were looking into more venues to expand and enhance relations whether strategically, economically, and commercially.
On recent ventures of cooperation, Ambassador Silverman said that the embassy and the Ministry of Information were working for measures to protect the intellectual properties of Kuwaiti inventors.
Meanwhile, Ambassador Silverman touched Kuwait's Vision 2035, saying that the country's ambitious development plan was an important step to diversify source of income.
Speaking about regional issues, the US diplomat said that the recent sanctions against Iran were to push the regime there to follow a more sensible policy towards neighbors in the region.
Iran should prove to the region that it was willing to cooperate, he said, adding that Tehran must stop supporting groups like the Houthis in Yemen who are threatening neighbors with their ballistic missiles.
On the upcoming visit by Foreign Secretary Mike Pompeo to Kuwait in January, the ambassador said that the visit will focus on several issues pertaining to relations with Kuwait as well as issues of regional importance such as the Gulf crisis.
Unity amongst GCC countries will further efforts to counter terrorism in the region, affirmed the Ambassador. (end) gta