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Israeli troops wound journalists N. Jerusalem

Israeli troops wound journalists N. Jerusalem
Israeli troops wound journalists N. Jerusalem
RAMALLAH, Nov 17 (KUNA) -- Several Palestinian, Arab and foreign journalists on Saturday suffered severe tear-gas suffocation when the Israeli occupation forces suppressed a peaceful march, organized by Palestinian journalists, at Qalandiya checkpoint in northern Jerusalem.
Speaking to KUNA, head of the Palestinian Journalists' Syndicate Nasser Abu Bakr said that the world has seen the aggression of Israel against media and freedom of expression, deeming the Israeli occupation as "criminal." Abu Bakr, who was directly injured with a tear-gas bomb in the shoulder, added the world made sure of Palestinian reports on Israel's exercises against journalists.
He urged the world to take more steps and measures to punish Israeli criminals of war.
He noted that Israeli aggression against the march is a crime against all journalists.
For his part, IFJ President Philippe Leruth said that tear gas during the peaceful march was used heavily.
He added that it is a clear message from the Israelis that they are not interested in freedom of the press.
He referred that Israel claims that it is a democratic state; however democracy does not behave in such a way.
In addition, Palestinian Journalists' Syndicate said in a statement that what has happened is a blatant aggression on all journalists all over the world, and a violation of all international charters and norms.
The aggression is also a blatant violation of the right of journalists to act and move freely in all the occupied Palestinian territories, including Jerusalem, the statement noted.
The attack is an arrogance of Israel which targets all free voices advocating the Palestinian right, it pointed out.
It is a clear message to the world that violence and power are the only logic, which Israel understand and practices, according to the statement.
Several international journalists, along with members of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and the Arab Federation of Journalists (AFJ), took part in the protest to back Palestine's journalists protesting against crimes carried out by Israel against Palestinian journalists. (end) nq.hm