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EU urges US, Russia to preserve missile treaty

BRUSSELS, Oct 22 (KUNA) -- The European Union Monday urged Washington and Moscow to preserve the Treaty on Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces in Europe (INF), saying it contributed to the end of the Cold War.
"The United States and the Russian Federation need to remain engaged in constructive dialogue to preserve the INF Treaty and ensure its full and verifiable implementation which is crucial for Europe's and global security," said Maja Kocijancic, spokesperson for EU High Representative Federica Mogherini, in a statement.
The EU reaction came after US President Donald Trump said Saturday that Russia had violated the INF treaty and the US "plans" to withdraw as a result.
The treaty, which was signed in 1987, restricted US and Russian short- and medium-range nuclear missiles.
"While we expect the Russian Federation to address serious concerns regarding its compliance with the INF Treaty in a substantial and transparent way, we also expect the United States to consider the consequences of its possible withdrawal from the INF on its own security, on the security of its allies and of the whole world," said the EU statement.
It added that the world does not need a new arms race that would benefit no one and on the contrary would bring even more instability. (end) nk.hb