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Austria will no longer transfer immigration seekers to camps

VIENNA, Oct 18 (KUNA) -- Austria has established a special office at the Vienna International Airport to tackle issues and status of immigration seekers.
Austrian Television, citing a statement released by the Ministry of Interior on Thursday, said the immigration seekers would no longer be shifted to asylum camps and would rather be interrogated at the air facility for a short period.
Only those of "exceptional condition" would be allowed to enter the country, it said, without explaining.
Meanwhile, director of the Austrian Minister of Interior's Bureau, Reinhardt Toefl, said immigration applications dropped to 15,000 this year.
However, he indicated that Bosnia Herzegovina is witnessing arrival of a mounting number of transit immigration seekers, intending to end up in Austria or other favored European countries.
He has affirmed that his country and other wealth European nations are determined to prevent recurrence of the major inflow of immigrants that happened in 2015, when more than one million came to the continent at once. (end) amq.rk