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Kuwait: Humanitarian situations in Yemen reached unprecedented stages of suffering

Permanent Representative of Kuwait to the United Nations Ambassador Mansour Al-Otaibi.
Permanent Representative of Kuwait to the United Nations Ambassador Mansour Al-Otaibi.
NEW YORK, Sept 22 (KUNA) -- Kuwait has stressed that the humanitarian situation in Yemen and in Hodeidah in particular has unfortunately reached unprecedented stages of daily suffering of the Yemeni people.
The Houthi group has exploited the roads used to deliver humanitarian aid through setting up military checkpoints in a clear and deliberate obstruction of aid Humanitarian assistance to children, women and the elderly who suffer from hunger and threat of epidemics.
آ آ آ This came during Kuwait's speech at the Security Council meeting on the situation in Yemen, which was delivered by the Permanent Representative of Kuwait to the United Nations Ambassador Mansour Al-Otaibi.
آ آ آ Al-Otaibi said that in order to secure the safe access of humanitarian aid to needy people, the Yemeni government forces, supported by the Coalition for the Support of Legitimacy, have carried out specific operations through the temporary closure of the main road between Sana'a and Al-Hodeidah.
آ آ آ He added that the forces had contacted the humanitarian evacuation and humanitarian committee in Riyadh with the international humanitarian actors to inform them of alternative ways of dispatching humanitarian aid from Al-Hodeidah to Sana'a and to confirm that the road will be reopened.
آ آ آ Al-Otaibi said it was stressed that the alternative route will be opened as soon as possible after securing it through the clearing of mines and checkpoints, which have hindered the humanitarian aid process and wasted international efforts to alleviate human suffering in Yemen, including the Donor Conference for Yemen which was held last April in Geneva.
آ آ آ He explained that the conference resulted in pledges exceeding USD two billion contributed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in addition to the State of Kuwait with USD 1.2 billion.
آ آ آ Al-Otaibi said that "our meeting today on the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Yemen is the expected result of failure of the political efforts of the crisis, which was caused by the absence of the delegation of the Houthi group of the round of consultations, which was scheduled to be held on 6 September 2018.
He stressed that the coalition to support the legitimacy in Yemen has in several stages of the crisis supported and facilitated all international efforts to seek a political solution based on the resolutions of international legitimacy, the most recent of which was the cessation of military operations on Al-Hodeidah.
Al-Otaibi added that the coalition was working to give the efforts of the Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General to Yemen time and opportunity to bring the Yemeni parties back to the dialogue table despite the security challenges represented by the Houthi group continuing its practices that threaten peace and regional security through its control over ports of Al-Hodeidah and its threat to the safety of international maritime traffic Al-Otaibi confirmed that the ballistic missile attacks on neighboring countries can not be tolerated, as well as the threat posed against international shipping routes in Bab Al-Mandab and the Red Sea, which will have a negative impact on regional and international peace and security.
آ آ آ He pointed to the refusal to use civilians as human shields and the exploitation of civilian facilities and seaports as bases for the launching of military operations and the continued recruitment of children, all of which are war crimes punishable by international law.(end).