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EP criticizes US decision to quite int'l deals

BRUSSELS, Sept 12 (KUNA) -- The US decision to quit key international deals and start a trade war harms EU-US ties the European Parliament (EP) said Wednesday in a resolution on the state of EU-US relations, approved by 490 votes to 148 on Wednesday in Strasbourg.
EP stressed that the EU-US relationship is the fundamental guarantor for global stability, but regret that the current US administration has chosen a one-sided "America first" policy, that harms the interests of both the EU and the US and undermines mutual trust.
The EP criticises US President Donald Trump's decision to leave the Paris climate agreement, the Iran nuclear deal, and to apply extraterritorial measures on EU companies in Iran.
It also regrets the uncertainty in the international trading system caused by the US's latest move to impose steel and aluminium tariffs on the EU.
The resolution, however, suggests enhancing the EU-US cooperation on cybersecurity, counter-terrorism, energy, culture and migration, amongst others, and setting up a Transatlantic Political Council, led by the EU diplomacy chief and the US Secretary of State, to regularly consult on foreign and security policy. (end) nk.mb