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Spread of cholera in neighboring countries are only "media reports"

Kuwait health ministry's press conference
Kuwait health ministry's press conference
KUWAIT, Sep 12 (KUNA) -- Kuwait health ministry said on Wednesday that news in neighboring countries about the spread of cholera is just "media reports." Assistant Undersecretary for public health Dr. Majda Al-Qattan commented on the news at a press conference, stressing "all precautionary measures were taken to counter cholera and prevent it from spreading." She confirmed that no information received from the World Health Organization (WHO) and other relevant organizations about the outbreak of the epidemic, explaining that the ministry issued directives to intensify epidemiological surveillance of the disease and to take the highest precaution.
Although (WHO) did not announce any outbreak of cholera epidemic in the region, the Ministry provided laboratory reagents and diagnostic capabilities for suspected cases of sampling and laboratory diagnosis. As part of its concern for the safety of citizens and residents in Kuwait, the ministry has circulated all the treatment protocols issued by the Health Organization and the US Centers for Disease Control, Al-Qattan clarified.
She stressed the ministry's keenness to prevent the transmission of such diseases to Kuwait, adding that the ministry is constantly following the latest developments on the cholera epidemic in coordination with the concerned authorities, World Health Organization, and other international organizations.
She urged travelers, especially children under the age of five, patients of chronic diseases and pregnant women, not to travel to some countries suspected to have any presence of the epidemic, to avoid any infections. (end) mak.ays.nhq