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Iraqi gov't imposes curfew in Basra after bloody clashes

BAGHDAD, Sept 4 (KUNA) -- Iraqi government on Tuesday announced a curfew in Basra after the eruption of bloody clashes between security forces and protesters.
The clashes started when angry protesters stormed the Basra government building after throwing a grenade on the guards and set the building on fire, a source from the Ministry of Interior told KUNA.
One guard was killed and the security forces responded with fire killing at least one protester, the source added.
Local media sources reported that that the number of death raised up to five, in addition to several injuries.
Basra witnessed over the past two days chaos due to intermittent clashes between protesters and security forces.
The protesters demand improvement of public services amid a scarcity of and pollution of drinking water, which caused contamination of thousands of citizens. (end) ahh.aa