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Expectations of possible political crisis in Tunisia soon: Experts

By Khaled Jabbar

TUNIS, Aug 22 (KUNA) -- Tunisian political experts expressed their expectations of a possible political crisis in Tunisia, as the tension between the presidency and government increased with the approaching legislative and presidential elections.
In separate interviews with Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), local experts said there are indications that Prime Minister Yousif Al-Shahid may not remain in office, despite his current control over the political crisis in the country.
Political journalist Salaheddine Jourshi said Tunisia is expected to have a tense political season, which would affect several levels, including economic and social.
Jourshi said "cooperation" between the government coalition parties is essential for maintaining the balance of political life and limiting the negative impact of the current crisis on the country.
For his part, Tunisian media and political analyst Rashid Khashana said the current crisis in Tunisia resulted from a struggle for positions among the leaders of the ruling party.
He pointed out that the prime minister had to step down and the government has to resig to pave the way for a new government that could be well prepared for the upcoming legislative and presidential elections scheduled for 2019.
He noted that these struggles caused great losses due to unrest in the state institutions which negatively affected the interests of the country.
Political analyst Khaled Obeid said it is about time for the prime minister to step down and replaced by another person to lead the country.
"Al-Shahid has to understand the real situation we're witnessing; he has to resign from office instead of maneuvering to survive amid accumulations of responsibilities that the government failed to bear while it strived to prepare for political and media to run in the 2019 elections," he added.
Tunisia witnessed, in the beginning of this summer season, a political crisis between the presidency, government and the General Federation of labor amid a growing political and public demands for the resignation of Prime Minister Yousif Al-Shahid.(and) ksj.ysa.nhq