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Women pay heavy price at conflicts - UN official

NEW YORK, July 10 (KUNA) -- Women and girls are paying heavy price and subjected to sexual violence due to conflicts, UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammad said on Tuesday.
Mohammad made the statement during a UN session on women, peace and security in the African Sahel, calling for addressing high cost women and girls facing at conflicts.
"Across the three countries we visited, it is evident that women can be the agents of a new and necessary approach: a new narrative, a new paradigm," she said.
She noted that women are of course undeniably victims of violence and they are not just victims.
They are also agents of change and intelligent and smart, and have initiatives that they wish to share to respond to the challenges they are faced with, she pointed out.
Women who are playing a religious role in Chad have a strong voice against gender inequality and attack on women's rights that are considered a main and fundamental part of strategy and identity of the terrorist groups, she explained.
Through teaching Quran, they (women) convey a message that Quran is for both males and females and that Islam is a religion of peace, she stressed.
She affirmed the need to support countries facing challenges to help them succeed in the future.
Mohammad noted that Chad and Niger are facing challenges, including insecurity caused by areas beyond their borders and climate change.
Despite these challenges, such countries are among the most generous states in terms of hosting refugees, she made clear. (end) asf.hm