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EP underlines support to UN plan for Libya

BRUSSELS, May 30 (KUNA) -- The European Parliament (EP) on Wednesday adopted a resolution, which says that Libya needs a government backed by a broad national consensus and that Libyans should decide the future form of their state.
In the resolution passed by 486 votes to 150, the EP called on the European Union (EU) to intensify their diplomatic effort to support the UN Action Plan for Libya - currently the only viable framework for a solution to the crisis.
The resolution backs the holding of elections in Libya by the end of 2018 but only once a new constitution is adopted It urged the EU to reflect on the crisis in Libya in a wider, regional and pan-African context, bearing in mind that Libya is key to the stability of North Africa, the Sahel, and the Mediterranean, The EP voices support to the ongoing process of a National Conference inside Libya aimed at achieving an agreement between the different Libyan parties on the next steps to complete the transition.
It calls on the EU to see that its funds are effectively deployed in projects that help the Libyan population and civil society, and focus its efforts on protecting migrants in Libya.
The protection of migrants and refugees in Libya and their conditions in detention centres should be improved and the Libyan authorities should close facilities that are not in line with international standards as soon as possible, it recommends. (end) nk.hm