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Arab League condemns Paraguay's Jerusalem embassy opening

CAIRO, May 21 (KUNA) -- The General Secretary of Arab League, Ahmad Abul Gheit on Monday, condemned Paraguay's move to open its embassy in Jerusalem, assuring this move would be "negatively affecting its relationship with the Arab World." Abul Gheit appealed to countries around the world not to move their embassies to Jerusalem, because this move would have a damaging impact on the opportunity for a just settlement, said the Arab League in a statement.
He made clear the position taken by the Arab League Council during a meeting on the 17th of this month, to react through political and economic pressures against states moving their embassies to Jerusalem.
Abul Gheit noted the transfer of embassies to the occupied East Jerusalem is a dangerous precedent that violates international consensus on retaining the legal and historical status of the occupied holy city.
"The States that decide to move their embassies for temptations or pressures without taking into consideration the moral responsibility they hold, will stand on the wrong side of history" he added.
The Arab League Council called on the international community to distance itself from falling into a situation that contravenes with the majority of states standing against the decision of the US to move its embassy to Jerusalem, which could affect its relations with Arab countries. (end) mfm.esm.aq