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Ten-member Municipal Council elected

Municipal Council
Municipal Council
KUWAIT, May 12 (KUNA) -- Chairman of the electoral committee Justice Essam Al-Saddani said the municipal elections have been held in free and democratic atmospheres that reflected the civilized nature of Kuwait.
Announcing the results of the Municipal Council Elections 2018 on Saturday night, he said the ten winning candidates are as follows: Hassan Kamal won 2,099 votes out of 17,997 eligible voters in the first constituency. Abdullah Al-Mehri won 3,550 votes out of 24,537 eligible voters in the second constituency.
Abdulaziz Al-Mejel won 1,985 votes out of 30,651 eligible voters in the third constituency.
Hamad Al-Medlej got 4,108 votes out of 75,560 eligible voters in the fourth constituency.
Abdullah Al-Roumi won 5,336 votes out of 36,722 eligible voters in the fifth constituency.
Fheid Al-Rashidi won 7,329 votes out of 50,247 eligible voters in the sixth constituency.
Mohammad Al-Mutairi won 8,480 votes out of 58,479 eligible voters in the seventh constituency.
Ahmad Al-Enezi won 8,109 votes out of 77,614 eligible voters in the eighth constituency.
Ali Al-Azmi won 8,702 votes out of 70,277 eligible voters in the ninth constituency.
Hamdi Al-Azmi got 10,755 votes out of 78,552 eligible voters in the 10th constituency.
A total of 73 candidates, including one female, stood for the elections that ran smoothly and orderly at 102 polling stations countrywide. (end) kt.gb