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Kuwait follows up US announcement on Iran's nuclear deal with great interest

Foreign Ministry
Foreign Ministry
KUWAIT, May 9 (KUNA) -- Kuwait on Wednesday said it followed up with great interest US President Donald Trump's announcement of withdrawing from Iran's nuclear deal.
A Foreign Ministry source said in a statement that Kuwait had welcomed the agreement when it was announced in 2015, especially that it was endorsed by the UN Security Council's Resolution 2231.
At that time, Kuwait underlined the necessity of Iran's honoring its full commitments in line with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and the Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).
Also, Kuwait then reiterated that the pact would contribute to boosting regional security and stability, despite realizing it did not fully respond to worries and concerns of countries in the region resulting from Iran's negative conduct with these states.
Kuwait has always emphasized the necessity of no-interference in the internal affairs of other countries and respect to their sovereignty in line with international charters and norms, the source added.
If the US proposed amendments to the agreement, that were not approved, prompting Washington to take a certain stance toward the pact, Kuwait understands and respects the US move, the source noted.
The foreign ministry stressed Kuwait's unwavering stance calling for developing the Middle East into a zone free of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), at the time when everybody is seeking to achieve security and stability in the region that has suffered from unrest and wars for long. (end) amh.msa