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AIPU chief calls for "fair protection" of Palestinians to establish state

CAIRO, April 5 (KUNA) -- President of the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union (AIPU), and the Moroccan House of Representatives El Habib El Malki has urged the international community to provide "fair protection" for the Palestinian people "to secure guarantees for their legitimate right to establish their Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as a capital." Addressing the opening session of AIPU's 27th Conference in Cairo Thursday, El Malki reaffirmed strong condemnation of the Israeli violations against the Palestinian people who were marking 'Land Day" last Friday.
"This has been a new episode of state terrorism that Israel has been practicing against unarmed Palestinians," he said, stressing the prime importance of developing an Arab strategy to fight a "fateful war in defense of Palestine." El Malki also condemned the vicious terrorist attack that targeted Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
He voiced AIPU's condemnation of all forms of terrorism that target the "Arab nation and the fundamentals of its stability." In the meantime, the AIPU chief reiterated utter rejection of foreign interference that leads to eruption of conflicts and deepens despair, extremism and terrorism.
For his part, Speaker of Egypt's House of Representatives Ali Abdel Aal, warned against schemes and terrorism targeting the Arab national security.
In a statement to the session, delivered on behalf of Abdel Aal's, by head of the Egyptian parliament's Arab Affairs Committee, Saad Al-Jammal, the Speaker called for drawing up a roadmap and reinforcing the AIPU's efforts to consolidate its role to face the challenge engulfing the region. (end) ms.rg.msa