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China helping US deal with North Korea, but Russia "behaving badly" -- Trump

WASHINGTON, Feb. 26 (KUNA) -- China President Xi Jinping is helping the US deal with North Korea, but "Russia is behaving badly, because Russia is sending in what China is taking out," President Donald Trump said Monday.
"So China is doing pretty good numbers, but Russia is now sending a lot of stuff in (to North Korea)," Trump said in remarks at the White House during a meeting with US governors.
"But I think they (the Russians) want to see it come to an end, also," the President said. "I think everybody does. Talking about tremendous potential loss of lives; numbers that nobody's ever even contemplated, never thought of." Trump said that on the issue of dealing with North Korea, "China's been good, but they haven't been great. China has really done more, probably, than they've ever done because of my relationship. We have a very good relationship, but President Xi is for China, and I'm for the United States." North Korea "wants to talk (with the US) as of last night," Trump said. ... "And we want to talk also, only under the right conditions, otherwise we're not talking." "We'll see what happens," he added. "But something has to be done." While the Trump administration has insisted on the de-nuclearization of North Korea, North Korean officials have said they will never agree to give up their nuclear programs. (end) rm.ibi