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Syrian free Army takes control of new areas in Northern Afrin

AMMAN, Feb 14 (KUNA) -- Syrian Free Army, which fights alongside the Turkish troops against separatist Kurds in Afrin, said Wednesday it controlled new positions northern Afrin.
The Army said in a statement that its forces controlled two villages of Amer Simo and Arshili Wateltaa following a battle with Kurdish people protection units (YPG).
On the other side, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said in a statement Wednesday, fighting continued in Afrin, where artillery shelling caused considerable material damage.
The region also witnessed violent clashes between the fighting factions with the Turkish forces and between the Kurdish units and the Self-Defense Forces.
Military reports said Syrian Army is providing logistics support mainly humanitarian and medical aid to the fighters of Kurdish people protection units (YPG) since the start of fighting in Afrin, northern Syria.(end) tk.nhq