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French Pres. threatens military strike if Syria regime using WMD

PARIS, Feb 13 (KUNA) -- French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday warned the Syrian regime that it faces a military strike if it is found to still using chemical weapons despite an agreement by Damascus in 2014 to halt WMD use and dismantle its stockpiles.
Macron, in a meeting with the Presidential Press Association, reiterated his threat of several months ago to take "unilateral" military action against the Syrian army and warned of a "riposte" if it is proven that chemical weapons are still being used in that conflict.
The French leader has set out a "red line" on this issue and he said that this had not changed.
"On chemical weapons I set out a red line and I reaffirm that redline," he told the press corps.
Questions have been raised about the lack of French reaction to growing evidence that Syrian forces are still using chlorine gas and possibly other substances against opposition forces and civilians.
But Macron said that the evidence so far is not conclusive on WMD use by Damascus and he said that proof of chemical weapons use is "no established" as yet by French intelligence and military agencies.
However, he said France was ready to strike at the origin of chemical weapons usage and he said this position has been made known to Syria's ally, Russia. (end) jk.ibi