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Britain announces new technology against cyber-terrorism

LONDON, Feb 13 (KUNA) -- The British Home Office announced Tuesday development of new technology to automatically detect terrorist content on any online platforms.
This new tool can automatically detect 94 percent of so-called Islamic State's (IS) propaganda with 99.995 percent accuracy, the office said in a statement.
It said that the new tool could analyze one million randomly selected videos, and only 50 would require additional human review.
The technology uses advanced machine learning to analyse the audio and visuals of a video to determine whether it could be IS propaganda.
Home Secretary Amber Rudd said over the last year "we have been engaging with internet companies to make sure that their platforms are not being abused by terrorists and their supporters." Separately, new Home Office analysis demonstrated that IS supporters used more than 400 unique online platforms to push out their poisonous material in 2017, highlighting the importance of technology that can be applied across different platforms. (end) kd.bs