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MP Al-Deqbasi reiterates Kuwait's support of Arab action

Kuwait's MP and Arab Parliament Member Ali Al-Deqbasi
Kuwait's MP and Arab Parliament Member Ali Al-Deqbasi
CAIRO, Feb 13 (KUNA) -- Kuwait's MP and Arab Parliament Member Ali Al-Deqbasi reiterated Tuesday his country's supportive stand by the Arab action, as well as permanent approach toward humanitarian action in all fields.
Al-Deqbasi made his remarks to KUNA after conclusion of third session of the Arab Parliament meeting in Cairo, affirming the Kuwaiti Parliament's firm and supportive stand by the joint Arab action in all its domains.
He expressed his pride and joy towards the meeting's wide appreciation to Kuwait's wise role in the region and His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah's balanced policy, which backs Arab unity and supports Arab countries.
Meanwhile, the Kuwaiti MP reviewed the important discussion highlights in the meeting on a number of issues in the region, including the Syrian crisis and the Palestinian cause.
One of the significant subjects discussed during the meeting is activating and enhancing the joint Arab action, he said, adding that it should be transformed into real and tangible actions on the ground instead of the traditional condemnation and denouncement statements.
Al-Deqbasi also stressed the importance of undermining all efforts and activities by the Israeli government at the international arenas since its forces continue, on daily basis, to commit crimes against humanity and violate the international law on human rights.
He also voiced his appreciation of his Arab counterparts' confidence in Kuwait's chairing of the Arab Parliament's committee in charge of the Arab League reform.
The committee is currently taking wide steps toward its duties, he said, pointing out his two-time meeting with Arab League's Secretary General, who affirmed the League's full support, in cooperation with Arab Parliament, of efforts aimed at achieving the desired goals.
Al-Deqbasi urged all Arab Parliaments to consolidate all efforts, under the framework of a unified Arab public opinion, toward supporting and funding disaster-stricken countries to overcome their suffering of famine, poverty, and diseases outbreak.
On the hand, the Kuwaiti MP noted the current Arab situation is filled with political conflicts and disputes, expressing sorrow over the tragic outcomes of these quarrels that resulted in the displacement of tens of thousands Yemenis; a situation which no human being could bear. (end) ms.ma