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Israeli court rules to keep Ahd behind bars

RAMALLAH, Feb 13 (KUNA) -- An Israeli court in Ofer town on Tuesday extended imprisonment of the female Palestinian activist Ahd Al-Tamimi till March 11.
Palestinian journalists who attended beginning of the court hearing today said the presiding judge decided to prosecute Ahd in a closed-door session, thus they were ordered out of the courtroom before Ahd was brought in.
Israel detained Ahd in December after she appeared in a videotape hitting an Israeli soldier, breaking into her house.
International human rights organizations have slammed Israel for holding the young girl, who was active in anti-occupation demonstrations in her village, Nabi Saleh, west of Ramallah.
She has been accused of violence incitement -- among other charges.
The Israelis detained her mother, Nariman, the next day after Ahd's detention, when the woman went to an Israeli security detention station to inquire about her. (end) nq.rk