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Dubai grants "Endowment Sign" to Kuwaiti consultancy enterprise

Saad Al-Rubaiaan, Managing Partner at CYLKA
Saad Al-Rubaiaan, Managing Partner at CYLKA
DUBAI, Jan 15 (KUNA) -- A Kuwaiti consultancy enterprise has received the "Dubai Endowment Sign" from the Mohammed Bin Rashid Global Centre for Endowment Consultancy (MBRGCEC).
CYLKA Social Responsibility and Public Relations is the first Kuwaiti enterprise to obtain such a privilege in recognition of its community contribution as a role model in the private sector in Dubai, Saad Al-Rubaiaan, Managing Partner at CYLKA, said in a press statement Monday.
CYLKA, which operates from Dubai, has allocated project management, public relations, and media services to several non-profit organizations and institutions operating in Dubai as an endowment, Al-Rubaiaan said.
The Kuwaiti enterprise's community service comes in line with the concept of "Innovative Endowment" in coordination with MBRGCEC, which aims to revive the endowment as a development tool for communities, he added.
Al-Rubaiaan also noted that the concept of "Innovative Endowment" allows the creation of different types of endowments as a developmental tool through services and products, and not limiting them to real estate assets, as in the traditional endowment.
CYLKA takes pride in specializing in public relations and consultation as core service offerings for both the government and private sectors by designing innovative programs that are also sustainable in their approach, he said.
He hoped that CYLKA will also inspire the 1,700 Kuwaiti businesses operating in Dubai to serve innovative and sustainable goals.
Meanwhile, Dr. Hamad Al Hammadi, Secretary-General of MBRGCEC, told the press that CYLKA has adopted the "Innovative Endowment" by providing the required services in the form of an endowment.
This model demonstrates the flexibility of the Innovative Endowment compared to the traditional endowment, Al-Hammadi.
He said that the website, www.MBRgcec.ae, is ready to receive inquiries from all interested individuals and organizations wishing to obtain the "Dubai Endowment Sign".
The Centre will also provide the necessary consulting to public and private institutions in promoting community contribution by the Dubai Endowment Sign, which helps build a range of community services that address the most important needs of the community through the active participation of institutions.
MBRGCEC strives to adopt the largest global initiative to revive endowments including legislation and rules for endowments, products, and services, in addition to the endowment district.
The Centre works on knowledge management in the field of endowments through research, studies, and the organization of conferences, workshops, and partnerships, as well as capacity-building and raising the efficiency of employees working in that field. (end) smr.ma