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Arab countries affirm full solidarity with Egypt in fight against terror

CAIRO, Dec 4 (KUNA) -- The Arab League Council has emphasized full support and solidarity with Egypt in its fight against terror groups.
In a statement issued Monday following an emergency meeting, demanded by Egypt and held at the Arab League headquarters in Cairo, the council backed measures taken by member states to maintain the security and stability of territories and safety of its people.
The council declared the fight against terrorism as an important human right principle, due to the grave impacts of terrorist actions on people's ability to enjoy their political, social and economic rights.
It called for an all-out confrontation to all terrorist and extremist groups without discrimination.
It argued that the world should not focus on certain terrorist groups and ignore others, especially those which provide ideological framework for violent groups.
The council also underlined the need for increasing judiciary cooperation among Arab countries to counter money laundering, terrorism financing activities, and cyber terrorism.
It urged Arab countries to increase exchange of information about terrorist groups and individuals and to update the Arab anti-terror strategy which dates back to 1997. (pickup previous) mfm.esm.ibi