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Media center ready for GCC Summit coverage - official

KUWAIT, Dec 4 (KUNA) -- The media center, tasked with covering the 38th Gulf Cooperation Council's (GCC) Summit, is ready to provide up-to-date coverage of the grand event, said an official Monday.
During the official opening ceremony of the facility, head of the center Mohammad Al-Baddah told KUNA that they will assist the 200 media personnel from local, regional and international outlets with the latest tools and necessary services to enable them to cover the summit.
Al-Baddah added that the center has been equipped with the latest tools to enable reporters to carry out their coverage with ease and comfort.
He also pointed to another media center located at Bayan Palace, the venue of the summit, where reporters can cover the summit from there as well.
He pointed out that the foreign media department in the Information Ministry has prepared an itinerary for the news reporters who will go on field trips to become acquainted with Kuwait's various cultural and touristic sites.(end).