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PNC warns against recognition of occupied Jerusalem as capital of Israel

AMMAN, Dec 3 (KUNA) -- The Palestinian National Council has warned any country against recognizing the occupied Jerusalem as a capital of Israel or moving its embassy in Israeli to it.
In statements to reporters in response to circulated reports about the US administration's intention to recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel and move its embassy to Jerusalem, PNC chief Salem Al-Zaanoun said that such a move would be illegal and invalid.
A recognition would mean taking the side of the occupation forces and settlers and totally undermines any chance for peace, he cautioned.
He argued that the attempts to change the legal and political status of the occupied Jerusalem necessitates an urgent action from the UN Security Council and the UN as a whole.
The UN has to protect scores of its relevant resolutions on the Palestinian people's right of Jerusalem to be the capital of their future state, he said.
He went on to say that the UN has a responsibility towards the world security and stability which would be severely harmed if some major powers continued tampering with the people's rights and fates.
He called on the world's parliaments, international and regional parliamentary unions to take a clear-cut stance against such hostile policies which would fan the flames of chaos and unrest in the Middle East region. (end) mjb.ibi